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Based in Visby, Gotland

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Q1/Q2 2018

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Crest is the only literal god game, where you write commandments to interact with your followers. But since they have a free will, they won't always listen to you. Build up your following and guide your people towards survival!

A god game where emphasis should be put on parenthood rather than omnipotent dictatorship. The player will not be told what is right or wrong, there will just be many paths which to choose from. Paths that lead to another history for your followers and more ways of expressing yourself through them and the world they shape. At the end of the day you might have changed yourself as well, at least in the eyes of your followers.


  • Explore the high-concept of religion by building your own
  • Interact with your followers by issuing commandments using a pictographic language
  • Progress by unlocking new words, slowly increasing the complexity of your commandments
  • Observe how your followers evolve as a result of your decisions
  • Micromanage a world where weather, vegetation, mineral deposits, drought and animal behavior will create surprises
  • Express yourself in a game without end-goal nor winning condition, allowing you to purely focus on building your legacy in a world where you are the god of everyone


Crest - Community Update Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Crest’s ambition is a good and interesting one: to create a systemic god-game around manipulating an AI’s programmatic grammar, and it did give me two procedural stories I am glad to have had."
    - Marsh Davies, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Its indirect nature, consistent challenge and the ever-present threat of failure make Crest a truly a unique game."
    - Kyle Johnson, PixelJudges
  • "Unlike in typical God sims, Crest only lets players believe they are the ones in control. The reality of their omnipotence, or lack thereof, adds depth to this low-poly experience."
    - Joanna Mueller, Cliqist

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About Eat Create Sleep

Eat Create Sleep is an indie game studio situated in the medieval town of Visby, Sweden. Our focus is on innovative gameplay experiences with a lot of heart and meaningful themes. We ask tough questions with our games and let the player explore the answers.

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Crest Credits

Martin Greip
Art Director, CEO

Johannes Häggqvist
Lead Programmer, CTO

Marcus Billborg

Emelie Teinler
Lead Designer

Patrick Seibert
PR/Community Manager

Emma Fredriksson
Graphic Artist

Tomas Lindell

Jens Berg

Johannes Westberg

Former employees who worked on Crest

Christoffer Solgevik
Graphic Artist

Jesper Leveau

Madeleiné Petersson

Roland Koch
Audio Designer

Sophie Van

Oskar Thysell
Lead Designer, Programmer

Jonas Lundgren
Intern Programmer

Yasha Jannoo
Intern Programmer

Josefine Persson
Intern Graphic Artist

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